🔔 Christmas Challenge 🔔


8 weeks to a better you


Feel your best this Christmas…


Starts Monday the 29th of October


Do you want to be stronger?  Do you want to feel your best in time for Christmas?

If we cut the crap, the only way to achieve this is through consistency (doesn’t sound sexy but it’s the ONLY thing that really matters).

This is what S.L.B is all about – t
he 8 week programme is designed SPECIFICALLY to help busy people build consistency in their training and diet.

👉 Time efficient workouts

👉Flexible meal plans

👉Group support and accountability


This is an 8 week training and nutrition programme for people who want to get stronger, lose weight and feel their best WITHOUT spending hours in the gym.  Workouts will be customised according to your access to equipment (gym and home variations available) and meal plans will be simple, flexible and fit any budget.


You will be added to a private Facebook group with a small group of people with similar goals to you.  You will work together and cultivate a community of support and accountability and share ideas, support and have fun.  Your trainer and nutritionist will be on hand throughout the 8 weeks for support and direction.


Workouts will be delivered on the JD Fitness app where you can follow along with videos for each exercise so you’re always confident in what you’re doing.  There will be an emphasis on building strength during the workouts…because stronger is ALWAYS better.  Home and gym workouts will be available.


You will receive a flexible meal plan which will be simple to follow and fit any budget.  You will get different meals and snacks each day of the week which will be structured in such a way that meals and snacks can be swapped and changed to suit YOUR likes and dislikes.


The 8 week Stronger, Leaner, Better introductory price is £59, to commit to making a change click the button below and enter your payment details.  Once completed follow the link to the consultation form so I can set you up ASAP.