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12 Week Transformation Challenge


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Be your best and join now for just £25 per week...


All of your workouts delivered via the JD Fitness app

Join now for just £25 per week...

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1What if I don't have access to a gym?
That's fine, each programme will be tailored specifically to you. No equipment, no problem!
2How many times will I have to train per week?
This will vary but most people will be training 3 - 4 times per week.
3How long will the workouts last?
This will depend on your schedule but expect each workout to last anywhere from 35 minutes up
4Will I have to follow a strict diet?
No! Diets don't have to be restrictive. We'll work on improving your current eating habits so you can continue to enjoy your favourite food and drink whilst still making progress.
5How will I get the support I need?
I'll be available for support whenever you need it via whatsapp and the JD Fitness app! We'll also have weekly email check-ins so I can keep up with your progress and discuss the week to come.
6Is this programme right for beginners?
Yes! All levels can be catered for and the three phased approach will mean you'll be learning along the way.