Jess - 28

Total Weight Loss - 6kg
Total lost from Waist - 5cm

How has the online coaching process helped you so far? It's been super. Having it on the app means that I can log in whenever I want to and see my progress, or look to see what's coming up. The videos make it so easy to make sure I'm doing things right and tracking my progress makes me know that I'm getting stronger and better.

Since starting with JD Fitness, what benefits have been most noticeable? I feel stronger and I look better. My clothes fit better and I am much fitter. Also, I used to hate exercise!!!! But now that I'm seeing the results of my hard work, I love it!!!!!!!

How likely is it that you would recommend JD Fitness to a friend or colleague? Extremely likely!

Jayne - 28 (10 week fat loss programme)

Total weight loss - 8.2kg
12cm lost from waist
10cm lost from hips
8cm lost from thigh
3.5cm lost from arm

Jayne says:

"The programme was great, I lost 1.5 stone and a dress size. Being provided with a clear workout plan, alongside specific exercise videos made it easy to follow. Josh was always available to answer questions and adapt any aspect of the training plan if needed.

I would highly recommend JD fitness if you need that extra push to reach your goals."

Jade - 28 (Nutrition coaching)

"I started online nutrition with Josh after coming back after holiday and wanting to get my eating on track ready for my first individual Crossfit competition. My main goals were to increase metabolic conditioning and gain some strength. The app was great as I could see my progression and easily contact Josh when I needed some.

Josh helped me get my eating on track and helped me improve knowledge about what foods to eat around my training. Competition day came and I felt strong and felt training has improved so much in the time I've been eating correctly with thanks to Josh.

This even meant I've lost a few pounds too which I was pleased with as it wasn't my primary goal. Thank you so much Josh!"

Neha - 30

“Online coaching has given me more focus and drive in the gym with visible results! Josh has been working with me for six months now and I'm amazed as to how personalised the service is. By keeping in contact with me regularly he keeps me motivated and always makes online coaching work for my lifestyle. Josh also set me specific exercises to help me work through an ankle injury (not caused by training). Since starting with JD Fitness I feel much leaner, stronger and fitter. I've always been conscious about my arms but after working to gradually increase the weights I've been using I can really see the tone and definition in my arms. Anyone who is thinking about starting with JD Fitness - stop thinking and get started!!”

Andrew - 30

"Josh built me a tailored training programme which accounted for a previous injury and my sport. The sessions were varied, enjoyable and well laid out. His "always available" is really valuable as a point of contact to seek advice on training or diet or both. More than anything I learnt a great deal in terms of how to balance my diet with my line of work and my training. Cheers Josh!"

Sarah - 32

“Online coaching has helped kick start an exercise regime and better diet after having a baby. Since starting with Josh I’ve definitely been feeling like I have more energy and feel less stressed. I’d absolutely recommend online coaching to anyone!”