Online Coaching

I offer a range of monthly coaching packages to suit all lifestyles, goals and budgets.
All ongoing coaching packages are outlined below.
Each of these packages are fully personalised and ALWAYS original!


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your progress, I will refund the full amount.

What do you get with all packages?

  • Access to JD Fitness & Nutrition app and website - for accessing all your training programmes, tracking your workouts and progress. This app also integrates with a wide range of fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal & Fit Bit – allowing you to view all your health and fitness information in one easy and convenient place!
  • Personalised client portal which can be accessed via the JD Fitness & Nutrition app or online login – showing you all your progress, workouts, personal bests and much more!
  • A full and thorough consultation to determine your current fitness levels and set realistic, achievable goals
  • Full personalisation - no ‘cookie cutter’ programmes. Each and every programme is painstakingly designed for you and only you

Who is online coaching for?

  • All goals can be tailored to whether that be: fat loss and toning, strength gain, muscle gain, sports specific, confidence building
  • Every fitness level catered for - from complete novices to professional athletes
  • Varying workouts available meaning there are no equipment restrictions – Catering for clients who prefer to workout at home, outdoors or at the gym