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5 Golden Rules of Fat Loss Programming

These days there are literally thousands of trainers and programmes that want to help you lose weight.

It’s easy to get confused as to whose method is best…

To help you separate the good from the bad, here are 5 Golden Rules that any successful fat loss programme will include…


1) Set a timeline


It’s important to have a defined end point to your fat loss programme (e.g 6 Week Cut).

Having a date to work towards is important – if it coincides with an event (birthday, wedding etc) then that’s even better.  Having a specific date or event in mind will help keep you motivated throughout.

Without a defined end date it’s easy to get into the mindset of ‘I’ll just restart on Monday’ if things don’t go to plan.  Having time constraints will help you stick to your programme.


2)  Have a training plan (and stick to it)


Whether it’s a programme you’ve written, a plan you’ve found in a magazine or a proven fat loss programme such as the 6 Week Cut, having something to follow in the gym or at home is imperative to success.

Without a plan you’ll be far more likely to skip a workout or half-ass your efforts.

Find a programme that progresses logically and covers all of your fat loss bases.

3)  Have a nutrition plan (and stick to it)


Fail to plan, plan to fail.

There are a million ways to skin the fat loss cat, but choosing one way and sticking to it is vital.

Whether it’s a flexible approach of setting personalised calorie goals and tracking your intake, or something a bit more mainstream like the Atkins Diet, you have to pick a structured nutrition plan.

Pick something that is sustainable, fits your lifestyle and allows for consistent progression.

4)  Be accountable


Accountability is very important.

You’ll be far more likely to succeed if you tell people about your fat loss goals.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your specific goals or even better join a community where people are following the same programme as you.




Take measurements and photos regularly.

Track your weights, reps and sets in the gym.

Monitor your general day to day activity.

This way if you don’t progress for a week or so it’s easy to analyse what went wrong.  Without your records you’ll be guessing.


And that’s it!  Follow these 5 golden rules and you’ll be dropping fat for fun.