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February 21, 2017
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5 Quick & Easy Protein Lunches


Eating on the run can be tricky.

But getting a decent protein based meal which doesn’t require preparation or cooking IS possible.


Here are a few ideas that you’ll be able to buy from any shop.

? DISCLAIMER – these aren’t meant to be taste sensations! These are practical suggestions for those times when you’re caught out and want a protein based meal that won’t cost 1000’s of calories.

1) The Fish Delight – aka tinned tuna and sweetcorn

A can of John West and a tin of sweetcorn will provide a good hit of protein along with a serving of veg.
(120g tin of John West Tuna, half a large can of sweetcorn)
Estimated cost – £1.70-£2.00
Calories – 260kcal
Protein – 36g
Carbs – 16g
Fat – 4g

2) Summer Salad – aka a pack or cooked chicken and a pre-packaged salad

Most supermarkets will sell packs of cooked chicken breast and pre-prepped salads. Mix them together for a super each lunch delight.
(120g pack of cooked chicken breast, classic salad bowl)
Estimated cost – £4.00
Calories – 205kcal
Protein – 36g
Carbs – 5g
Fat – 4g

3) The Quick Breakfast – aka boiled eggs and a tin of beans

Boil your eggs in the kettle (don’t blame me if they explode though…it’s a real possibility) and serve with a can of your favourite Heinz.
(4 x boiled eggs, half a 415g tin of Heinz)
Estimated cost – £2.00
Calories – 465kcal
Protein – 33g
Carbs – 31g
Fat – 20g

4) The Continental Breakfast – aka greek yoghurt, a banana and an apple

Supermarkets and corner shops all seem to sell Fage Greek yoghurt these days. Chop up an apple and a banana, mix it all in there and you’ll be feeling like you’re on a Greek island.
(170g of 0% Fage Total Greek yoghurt, 1 x banana, 1 x apple)
Estimated cost – £3.00
Calories – 300kcal
Protein – 19g
Carbs – 60g
Fat – 0g


5) The Goldilocks – porridge with milk

Some like it hot (i.e microwaved) and some like it cold (soak your oats in the milk for an hour or so) but oats and milk are a match made in heaven.
(60g porridge oats, 250ml of semi-skimmed milk)
Estimated cost – £2.00
Calories – 354kcal
Protein – 30g
Carbs – 45g
Fat – 6g