8 Fat Loss Myths
September 29, 2017
How many calories should you be eating?
December 6, 2017


Working from home I have a tonne of potential distractions…

From looking at memes to watching ‘just one more episode’ of Stranger Things, the pull towards procrastination is strong.

The main culprit in this Game of Procrastination has to be Facebook.

Aka the life stealer.

It’s quite amazing really…you open Facebook to send a message, then 30 minutes later you’re scrolling through photos of a 40th birthday party of a friend of a friend of the brother of some girl you went to primary school with.

30 minutes of your life accidentally wasted.

Is scrolling through useless crap on Facebook something you actually enjoy?

Probably not…but it’s there and it’s a habit, so we do it anyway.

Sometimes there’s not enough willpower in the world to keep you from scrolling through that newsfeed.

The answer?

Don’t rely on your willpower!

To lessen my procrastinating I downloaded a handy extension to Google Chrome that blocks the Facebook Newsfeed and replaces it with a motivational quote.

Amazing. Problem solved. No more mindless news feed scrolling.

Here’s the thing << Test First Name >>…relying too much on your own willpower can be a big mistake, especially when it comes to dieting.

Sometimes you need to remove the temptation or avoid situations completely so it’s not that shred of willpower separating you and your dieting success..

For example – buying peanut butter and saying “this time I’ll only have one teaspoon as a treat”

The next day you’ve survived a full day at the office on 1000kcal, you arrive home tired and hungry knowing full well there’s a tub of peanut butter in the cupboard…guess what’s going in your mouth as soon as you get home? About four big spoons of peanut butter and double your calories for the day.

The answer…don’t buy the peanut butter.

The same goes with any food or drink that you’re prone to over eating…JUST STOP KEEPING IT AT HOME!

Do you love chocolate and can’t trust yourself not to destroy the whole bar? That’s fine, I love a choccie binge as well…but stop repeatedly buying it and saying to yourself “I’ll be good this week and just have one square”.

Does one glass of wine quickly turn into two bottles? Stop convincing yourself you can do the civil thing and just have one glass on a Wednesday evening…enforce an alcohol free zone until the weekend.

Is someone bringing pizza to the office for their birthday? Don’t even entertain the idea of having a slice if you can’t trust yourself. Come prepared with a lunch you made earlier.

There is nothing inherently wrong with peanut butter, chocolate, wine and pizza.

Quite the opposite….they’re all glorious, magnificent creations…


You need to know yourself and know your limitations….specifically…how far does your will power go?

There’s nothing wrong with having little to no willpower, but you need to be realistic and control the situations that you’re in if you want to progress.