How many calories should you be eating?
December 6, 2017
“You do you”
July 11, 2018

Low Hanging Fruit

I love a couple of beers.

What better feeling than cracking open a cold one on a Friday evening? Or enjoying a couple of pints while watching some sport?

One of life’s greatest pleasures.

As with all things in life you can have too much of a good thing.

I have the capacity to drink an awful lot of beer without getting drunk. Some may see this as a blessing, I see it as a curse.

The combination of my thirst for beer and my capacity for drinking means I can ‘accidentally’ consume a fair amount Friday – Sunday (I generally don’t drink through the week).

The result – I get a bit fat.

Cutting back my beer consumption is the first step in getting less fat.

This is very much the ‘low hanging fruit’ for me.

It’s simple for me to do, won’t take too much will power and I know 100% that it’ll DRASTICALLY reduce my overall calorie count for the week.

What’s your ‘low hanging fruit’?

What parts of your daily or weekly ritual do you KNOW isn’t helping you reach your goals?

Write a list and then pick out the habit or ritual that would be EASIEST for you to change.

Do you have a can of Coke everyday with lunch? Swap it for a Coke Zero.

Do you drink a glass or two of red wine 4- 5 nights per week? Cut it down to 3 or 4.

Do you have a ‘full fat’ latte and a biscuit every day at work? Switch it for a skinny latte and an apple.

Tackle the easy and obvious things first! Small changes can have a big effect.