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April 3, 2019
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April 26, 2019

Are you ready to get punched in the mouth?

Everyone has a plan…until you get punched in the mouth.


Mike Tyson said that, and although I’ve never been in a boxing ring, I’m sure it’s accurate.


Months of training to get into top shape for a fight could all go out the window if you lose your head after the first blow.


Don’t worry, this isn’t a segue into a boxing announcement…


But, it is a pretty accurate metaphor for the life of a dieter.


Every dieter has a PERFECT plan until:

👉 They get offered birthday cake at the office

👉 They go to a restaurant for dinner

👉 They have a few drinks on a Friday night



You may think you have the best diet and training plan in the world, but unless it’s flexible and can account for the variability of life, it’s not worth much.


As a dieter, you are GOING to get (metaphorically) punched in the mouth.


Can you take the hit?


If the situation arose, could you accept a piece of birthday cake at work and not descend into an unnecessary shame spiral?


Could you go to a restaurant and choose the best option without stressing or even skipping the social event all together?


Could you go for a few social drinks with friends on a Friday evening and not let it completely blow your calories for the week?


THESE are the metaphorical punches in the mouth you can expect everyday…does your plan help you absorb them?


Or will you end up down on the mat for the 10 count.


If your plan doesn’t allow for those punches in the mouth, you need help, trust me.


The 12 Week Transformation Challenge is completely personalised and will help you navigate the full 12 rounds of dieting.


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