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April 10, 2019

8 Tips for the Perfect Beach Bod

I like Easter. Nowhere near as much as Christmas (obvs!) but it’s still a nice little holiday.


Although I’m not religious, it’s generally a good time to catch up with friends and family and eat a tonne of chocolate.


I’m a huge fan of the Lindt eggs because they generally come with the Lindor balls…how does the centre always feel cold? Some chocolatier witchcraft I reckon.


I digress…


I like Easter because it’s like a proper ‘see ya’ to winter and a ‘G’day’ to spring and summer.


And with summer round the corner you might be starting to plan your holidays and potentially thinking about your ‘beach bod’.


With that said, two things to keep in mind…


a) You already have a beach bod. Throw on your bikini/swimming shorts/mankini/G-String, toddle off to a beach and hey presto, you’re a bod on a beach. No one is looking at you, no one cares what ya bod looks like, so if you’re happy, carry on as you are.


b) Not entirely satisfied with how you look/feel? Would you feel more confident if you dropped a few kg before you hit the beach? That’s cool too, and if that’s your plan here are some general tips to help:


1. Get a plan! Find a coach/trainer that you trust…failing to plan is planning to fail etc.


Are you in a hurry to drop some last minute poundage?!

Try the 28 Day Challenge


Or do you have time on your side?

Try the 12 Week Transformation


2. Start NOW! The more time you have, the better. I don’t care if you’re stepping on the beach in 3 weeks or 3 months, if you want to make some changes start right this minute and DO NOT wait until Monday.


3. Steer clear of juice diets and detoxes. Yes they might help you lose a tonne of weight in a short period of time, but a) weight loss doesn’t always mean fat loss and b) you’ll gain that weight back as soon as normal eating resumes.


4. If you decide against hiring a coach 🙁 work out your calorie goal (click here to work out calories), make MFP your best friend and get tracking.


5. Get a broad range of measurements and repeat them regularly. If they are heading in the right direction, carry on. If not, adjust your training and diet and continue. If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.


6. Move the goal posts. By this I mean set your sights on an ultimate goal later in the year and use your holiday as the first part of your end goal. This way you’ll be less likely to rebound once you get back off your jollies and you won’t feel like you’ve got a mountain to climb when next summer rolls around.


7. Tell someone about your goals! Accountability is everything so make sure you’ve got someone to be accountable to.


8. Break it down and simplify…I approach a diet looking at four main variables to be manipulated: gym workouts, cardio, LISS/step count and calorie intake…if you’re not progressing which variable could be improved? 


(I appreciate there are loads of other factors to take into account, but I like these main categories)


And there you have it…8 tips to help get you on your way.