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July 13, 2018
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July 23, 2018

To weigh, or not to weigh…

? You are not your weight ?


? Your weight does not define your progress?


Relying on bodyweight as your ONLY marker of progress is like judging your whole school career on the result of your French exam.

Of course it’s great to do well in your French exam, but there are several other subjects to take into account when judging your overall success.

You could quite easily flunk French but still ace the rest of your exams and have a great school career…just like you can easily stay the same weight, but still lose fat.

(Fun fact – if it wasn’t for my French teacher giving me answers in an oral exam I would have failed GCSE French…thanks for the ‘C’, Mr Johnson)

Bodyweight is SO unpredictable because there are so many variables…

– How much you’ve eaten over the past 24 – 36 hours

– How much you’ve drunk in the past 12-24 hours

– WHAT you’ve eaten and drunk in the past 24 – 36 hours

– Time of the month (for women, obvs)

– Stress levels

– Time of day

– When the last time you did your beeznass was

– How much salt you’ve had in the past 24 – 36 hours

– What you’re wearing


Expecting all of those thing to be consistent at the exact time you weigh yourself once per week is like driving through London and expecting every single traffic light to be on green as you approach.

It’s technically possible…but highly improbable.

So, rather than jumping on the scale once per week and expecting that number to tell you how well you’re doing, gather as many objective measures as you can and repeat them periodically.

✅ Progress photos (front, side and back)

✅ Measurements (waist, hips, arms, legs)

✅ Performance markers such as strength in the gym

✅ How your clothes are fitting


Once you’re tracking all of the above, you can of course start weighing yourself for a comprehensive rundown of your progress.


Choose a programme that takes the focus OFF bodyweight and instead focusses on getting stronger, fitter and building healthy habits.


What happens when you focus on getting stronger, fitter and building healthy habits?  You lose fat, and as if by magic, the scale starts to move!