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July 27, 2018
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What’s your why?

Recently myself and couple of friends got out of town for a day of cycling.


I’m still a relative newbie to this road biking malarky (just about coming to terms with the necessity of the lycra) but my friends have been at it a long time, and within about 20 minutes of setting off, this became clear.


We hit a climb which was close to vertical (literally) and the other two cruised up without too much of a problem.  Things weren’t so easy for me.  At the top of the climb I had to get off my bike because I genuinely thought I was on my way out.  I was sprawled out on the floor, pouring water over myself struggling to get my breath…it was very dramatic…at least I got to the top I guess.


Anyway, we carried on with our ride, had a good day and I came out of the other side alive.  


Since then I’ve been really focussing on my fitness…specifically getting better at riding up hills.


Today I was out on my bike, grinding up this ridiculous hill with one question bouncing around in my head…what is the f**king point?


Why the hell would I CHOOSE to be doing this?!?!




No one was forcing me and I was having the OPPOSITE of a good time…so why was I doing it?!


The answer…fitness of course.  Specifically because I HATED that feeling on the Easter ride of getting to the top of a climb feeling like I was close to death.


If I didn’t have that very specific WHY, there’s not a chance I’d be choosing to grind up steep hills on a Thursday evening.


There is a lesson here…


To be successful in any weight loss or fitness journey you NEED a specific WHY.


Is it a holiday you want to feel your best for?  Or maybe you just want to stay healthy so you can be active with your family?


Without a specific ‘why’ you’ll be far more likely to skip the gym, be lazy with your food choices and generally half-ass your approach to health and fitness.  


The truth is, any weight loss or fitness journey is going to be challenging and you NEED that specific ‘why’ to keep you going when times get tough.  Something to help keep you focussed and moving ever closer to your goal.


When you start your journey you WILL have a specific reason why…and that reason needs to be front and centre throughout.


Do you have a ‘why’ but struggling with a ‘how’?


Are you confused about the quickest way to lose weight for your upcoming holiday? Or the best way to improve your fitness so you can run about with your family?


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