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February 20, 2019
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April 3, 2019

The Sacred First Friday Beer

Is there anything in your week that you really look forward to? Something sacred?


For me, it’s that first beer on a Friday evening.


The First Friday Beer is a glorious thing…thirst quenching, relaxing, a celebration of a week well done and welcome to all that’s to come over the weekend.


Of course the second and third ones are good, but nothing beats that first one.


The pub based First Friday Beer is nice, but for me, it’s best served on my sofa at home.


And I like to bring a bit of pageantry to the occasion…


First, it’s the selection of the beers…three generally does the trick, the most appetising one always goes down first.


Then, choose your accoutrement. You’ve got to have some savoury snacks to accompany your First Friday Beer, something salty and crunchy usually does the trick.


Next, the entertainment. This is personal preference, but my first choice is always a bit of sport. There is usually a perfectly timed rugby league game on at 6pm, failing that I’d lean towards a documentary.


With your accoutrement prepped, entertainment locked in…it’s now time to crack that First Friday Beer.


No phones, no distractions, just pure relaxation and savouring of that delicious beer which represents so much.


If you’ve read this far, I imagine you’re wondering what I’m jabbering on about.


Well, the truth is, at time of writing it’s almost 5pm Friday afternoon (Sydney time) and after a long and productive week, that first beer is going to be a momentous one.


So I’ll try and bring this round to something relevant…


When I start with a fat loss client, I find out what food or drink they really look forward to and make sure this stays a constant throughout their diet.


It could be a pizza on a Saturday, sharing a bottle (or two) of wine on a Sunday afternoon, or just the classic Friday beers…whatever it is, I make sure they aren’t depriving themselves of things they truly enjoy.


Obviously there is balance to be had…these things are luxuries and moderation is key, but we find a way to keep the food and drink that makes them happy.


I do this for two reasons…1) it’s important to have meals/drinks that you look forward to when dieting (a miserable dieter is a bad dieter) and 2) unless you get paid to look a certain way, you shouldn’t be completely restricting yourself of all the stuff you enjoy (there is more to life than that)


So, while I head off to select my Friday beers…I’d like to know what’s your equivalent of the sacred Friday beer?! Comment below and let me know.

And if you’re struggling with that idea of fitting a beer into your fat loss goals, check out the 12 Week Transformation where I will show you exactly how you can fit all of your favourites into your diet.