November 30, 2018
What’s wrong with Herbalife?
December 12, 2018


I started a new book this week, it’s called ‘Antifragile’.

I’m already a bit bored to be honest but I think I’ve got the gist.

It’s all about being the opposite of fragile…it’s being flexible and adapting to this unpredictable world we live in (or something like that).

(500 page book summarised in a sentence…you’re welcome)

Being ‘anti-fragile’ is something that should be applied to everything in life…including your diet.

Your diet should not be a fragile set of rules, where if you break a rule, the whole thing comes tumbling down.

It needs to be some robust guidelines which allows you to take on situations without having a meltdown.

This starts with not getting too bogged down in the doctrine or the intricacies of a ‘diet’.

Remember – any ‘diet’ that works, is just another method for creating a calorie deficit.

Nothing more, nothing less.

When you have this mindset, you’ll be far more successful in the long run.

Let me give you an example…

Sergio follows an intermittent fasting protocol and fasts religiously until 2pm everyday. They’re convinced fasting is doing all sorts of magical things for them and anyone who eats breakfast is an idiot. If they touch food before 2pm, it’s a major fail in their mind.

Kevin loosely follows an intermittent fasting protocol, but rather than buying into the hype, they fast because it helps them eat less…so rather than having a strict eating window, they just delay breakfast for as long as is practical on that day.

Both people pretty much doing the same thing with a slightly different mindset.

Sergio is NOT ‘anti-fragile’.  They are not ready to be flexible because they are adhering to hard and fast rules. Eating before 2pm would be a big fail and likely lead to feelings of guilt and even shame because they’ve ruined their diet.

Kevin IS ‘anti-fragile’. Ready to take on changes in routine…breakfast with friends?  They won’t miss that. A bit hungry before an important meeting at 11am? No big deal, grab a banana.

It’s a case of doctrine vs. guidelines.

Fragile vs. antifragile.

If you’ve got a diet, and it’s working, great. But…remember to keep an anti-fragile mindset. Be prepared for bumps in the road and don’t let your diet rule your life.

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