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August 9, 2018
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November 29, 2018

Imagine life without Google Maps

Living in the Southern Hemisphere has a few benefits…sunshine being the obvious one, but it also means it’s quick and easy to get to places that are a nightmare to get to from the UK.

At the end of the year the missus and I are off to New Zealand for a week.

I’m excited to see some mountains and lakes and get fully involved in some of that righteous Pinot Noir.

We were doing some trip planning the other day, picking out destinations and working out what’s viable for the time we’re there…basically bashing destinations in to Google Maps and planning a route.  

Takes all of 2 seconds to work out the quickest way and I have to remind myself of how much of a luxury this is.

10 years ago it would’ve been a COMPLETELY different story.

Compasses, maps, pens, guidebooks etc…about a hundred times more time consuming.

And that’s just the route planning…when you’re on unfamiliar roads the idea of fannying around with a map and compass whilst on the move is a foreign concept.

I like to think this is a VERY good metaphor for online coaching…

Not having a coach is like driving around New Zealand with a map and a compass…taking wrong turns, getting lost and wasting time getting to your final destination.

Working with me is like using Google Maps.  You tell me where you’re at now, and where you want to be and I will know exactly the best route to get you there.

It’s what I do.

So stop messing around with a compass (you’re not in the nineties) guessing your way through the maze of training and nutrition. 

Get with Google Maps…save time and get the body you want in half the time with the 12 Week Transformation…a fully bespoke training and nutrition programme specific to you.


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