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November 27, 2018
November 30, 2018

No one cares what your body looks like…

I used to be incredibly paranoid about how fat I was.

I’d avoid taking my top off in front of other people and wear baggy clothing to try and disguise my gut…I even wore cardigans because I thought they somehow camouflaged my belly 😱😱.


I had years of unnecessary stress and low self esteem because I pretty much believed people were judging me for being a fatty.

Looking back now I realise this was ridiculous and no one actually cared.


Because the only person who really cares how your body looks, is you.


Think about that for a second…


Unless you’re a physique competitor or a model, the only pressure you’re feeling to look a certain way, is coming from you.


No one else really gives a shit what you look like.


Think about it…when was the last time you looked at someone and thought negatively of them for how their body looks?


Probably never.


That’s because normal people DO NOT judge other people on how their bodies look.


People in the gym, colleagues at work, friends, partners…no one is critiquing your body.


It can take time, but once you understand that you’re the only person who truly cares about how your body looks…it’s significant.


You’ll feel less pressure to look a certain way and be more appreciative of (and comfortable in) the body you have.


And you’ll be exercising and eating healthily to better yourself rather than trying to attain some unattainable body that you think society expects from you.


In summary…you’re the only one who gives a shit what your body looks like, everyone else is worrying about their own.


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